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Workshop Information

Elegantly Provoking Change: An Advanced Integrative Energy Approach

Sponsored by Canada’s National EFT Training Institute (NeftTI)
Date: Friday, April 05, 2019 to Sunday, April 07, 2019
Time: Fri/Sat: 9.30am - 5.30pm; Sun: 9.30am - 4.00pm
Num Days: 3
Cost: Earlybird: CAD 844.11 incl tax / Full: CAD 937.
Presenter(s): Steve Wells, Internationally recognised leadership coach and peak performance consultant
Location: Park Inn by Radisson,
555 Cochrane Dr,
Markham, ON, Canada
Email: Email Presenter
Web Site: http://www.eftdownunder.com/elegantly-provoking-change-toronto/
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Learn to combine tapping, intention, acceptance, provocation, paradox and humour in unique new ways to leverage and accelerate your results within an atmosphere of liberating laughter, open-heartedness, and fun!

“A most fantastic experience …. You have taken this work to a whole new level… your work is the therapy of the future.” – Sharon Toole, Psychotherapist, Toronto, Canada

“PET has shattered my previous belief system in such an empowering way that I have more fun in life, more fun in sessions, and most of all, better results with clients.” – Sebastiaan van der Schrier, Social Anxiety Coach, Netherlands

This special advanced workshop for energy practitioners* is a unique integration of 3 powerful Energy Psychology modalities:

• Simple Energy Techniques (SET) tapping,
• Intention-based Energy Process (IEP), also known as Intention Tapping, and, mostly,
• Provocative Energy Techniques (PET)

* Prerequisite: Level 1/2 (AAMET/ACEP/EFTU) or permission of trainer/host.

You’ll learn how to combine these unique approaches to create rapid and lasting changes for your clients, and get improved results with difficult and resistant clients.

Come prepared to have your paradigms tilted and your assumptions about change playfully shattered!

You’ll learn advanced techniques and skills to:

• Get to deep issues quickly and help clients rapidly release emotional pain
• Help clients safely release and repair past trauma and hurt
• Elegantly use clients’ resistance to assist in their healing
• Lighten up even very heavy issues using humour and paradox
• Turn darkness into light, tears into laughter, despair into delight
• Adapt your approach to each client’s unique energy style
• Establish a powerful healing presence and heart connection with your clients
• Help clients quickly access their strengths and resources and really feel their power

What is Provocative Energy Techniques (PET)?

“PET makes impossible things possible… The provocative style was like having a sauna bath, relieving, refreshing, just great, clear thoughts, limiting beliefs gone.” — Eva Maria Lundell, MD, Munich

Provocative Energy Techniques (PET) is a unique advanced energy psychology approach developed by Steve Wells and Dr David Lake from Australia, which combines tapping with humorous and paradoxical language patterns and techniques drawn from Provocative Therapy, Brief Strategic Therapy and the therapy of Milton H Erickson. It is solidly based on heartfelt acceptance (which is understood in Energy Psychology more in terms of energy transmission from practitioner to client than intellectual process).
PET addresses the multi-level nature of problems through warmth, liberating laughter, and spontaneity – elegantly addressing both mind and body in therapy. PET can make deep level changes fast, fun, and enjoyable for both clients and practitioners.

How Does it Work?

PET’s provocative language techniques bypass resistance and rapidly get to the core of problems to draw out energy and power for change (the root meaning of provoke = to draw out). Skilful tapping combined with warm, empathic humour brings rapid relief of negative emotions. Heart energy completes the healing. It’s a powerful combination.

What is IEP?

Intention-based Energy Process (IEP), also known as Intention Tapping is a new approach to emotional empowerment that combines tapping with intention to release emotional blocks, restore energy balance, and access inner resources.

IEP’s intentions act as commands to your unconscious mind to release the emotional attachments behind problems, unblock body energy disturbances and restore life energy to flow. This allows you to rapidly work through problem aspects by accessing the resources of the unconscious mind. The results are frequently very surprising.

“I’ve been sharing the IEP with my clients and the results are fantastic! Everyone has experienced a noticeable release of intensity with a subsequent insight afterwards. IEP adds a feeling of power for many who have felt like a victim of their emotions.”
– Andy Bryce, Founding EFT Master, UK

What is SET?

Simple Energy Techniques (SET) is a user-friendly energy tapping approach developed by Steve Wells and Dr David Lake which can provide significant relief for emotional problems and some physical problems. SET evolved from Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and is equally effective, and also more user-friendly and efficient. SET can be easily combined with other therapeutic approaches to improve your results, as you’ll discover in this workshop.

How the workshop will work:

In this practical and engaging workshop, you’ll learn these three powerful energy approaches and how to use them to get better results for you and your clients via live demonstrations, experiential exercises, Q&A, and small group practice sessions.

First, you’ll learn a new way of tapping using Simple Energy Techniques (SET), and how to use it to relieve negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, guilt, anger, grief, trauma.

Next, you’ll learn to combine SET with new Intention-based Energy Process (IEP), aka Intention Tapping and how to use it to rapidly release emotional hooks, restore clarity and calm, and access inner resources and confidence for change.

Next, you’ll learn some of the key patterns of Provocative Energy Techniques (PET) and how to use it to create powerful heart-based connections with clients, use humour for healing, and bring rapid relief to core issues.

At some point you will become infected with the provocative virus, bringing an inner freedom and lightness of being for which there is no cure other than passing it on.

Finally, you’ll integrate these approaches together into a powerful package for change and you’ll leave with a truckload of new options for helping your clients.

Who should attend / Pre-requisites

This workshop is for Energy Practitioners who want to improve the results they currently achieve for their clients. You must be trained to Level 1/2 EFT (AAMET/ACEP/EFTU) or equivalent, or may apply to be admitted at the discretion of trainer/host if you have other relevant training.

It is particularly for those uncommon energy practitioners who value flexibility, acceptance, connection, warm-heartedness, and humour.

EFT practitioners will be pleasantly surprised how IEP and PET expand your options with clients and allow you to leverage and accelerate your results.
Important: This program is not for everyone. You must have a working sense of humour, and be unconcerned with adult themes and politically incorrect language as PET deliberately plays with and exaggerates stereotypes and stuck thinking patterns to get you thinking and feeling in new ways.


Steve Wells is an internationally recognised psychologist, leadership coach, and peak performance consultant based in Perth, Western Australia. Steve has been using and teaching Energy Psychology techniques for the past 21 years and is co-developer (with Dr. David Lake) of Simple Energy Techniques (SET) and Provocative Energy Techniques (PET), and he also developed Intention-based Energy Process (IEP). He trained extensively in Provocative Therapy with Frank Farrelly and in EFT with Gary Craig before developing PET. He has helped thousands of people to transform their life and results through his worldwide seminars and workshops.

See the website for more details and to register.

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