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Workshop Information

EFT Level 3

Masters Class
Date: Friday, December 27, 2019 to Saturday, December 28, 2019
Time: 10-17:00
Num Days: 2
Cost: 320
Presenter(s): Suzanne Zacharia
Location: Br13 England
Phone: +447533636939
Email: Email Presenter
Web Site: https://www.newagelondon.com/eft-course-london-se/
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After Level 2 EFT Level 3 (and when ready after Level 3, your Masters)

Our EFT Level 3 is supervisory, where you learn what you need to learn, not what someone else decides you need to learn. It is designed to be a ladder that you climb with the greatest of ease, being helped all the way towards becoming a genuine Master Practitioner. We decide together what you need, and every level 3 workshop is by request from existing EFT 2 practitioners. The next EFT Level 3 workshop is 15th & 22nd September 2019, 10-17:00 and has the following Supervisory Subjects:f a member of AAMET, this workshop counts towards half the supervision hours you are allowed to have with non-AAMET supervisors/trainers.

If a member of the Energy Healers Association or EPA, this workshop counts towards a big chunk of your CPD for the year.

And the price is a very low 320
you can double your EFT income at this workshop, so it is a no-brainer.
And of course, your clients benefit many times over a win-win.

Level 3

Want to take your EFT Practice to whole new level? Want to deal with the more serious traumas, phobias, and bad habits? This workshop, the first step in qualifying you as a Master Practitioner should you choose to soar to even greater heights offers you:

A deeper understanding, practical knowledge and experience of advanced techniques.

Real supervised practice with real actual clients, helped by me, at your side whenever needed. I hold your hand and make it easy for you.

Increase your confidence in your ability to help clients and to heal yourself. Level 2 helps you fly. Level 3 helps you soar!

Discover how to help families, couples, and corporates.

Get a deeper understanding of root causes, why they are just energy, and discover new energy EFT methods to make that shift happen even more effectively faster, better, more powerful!

Discover the exiting world of true success health, and wealth.

Find more peace and discover even more of your inner strength and confidence!

Not only this, but you get at the end of your workshop:

Your full manual and your certificate signed by me, Suzanne Zacharia, Master Trainer at the Energy Practitioners Association.
6 months' genuine email support. I am with you even after your course workshop.
FREE limited period membership to the Energy Practitioners Association, who believes that a gift like EFT is too precious and we must give it to humankind. It is so powerful, every teacher, every doctor, every community leader should be able to use it to help those who need it!
How to get your Practice Number from the Energy Practitioners Association, your recognition as an EFT Practitioner.
The ability to re-attend as many times as you like within a whole year. Some people just cannot get enough of a good thing, and why not?! You deserve more, you are worth it!
Access to special offers ONLY available at your workshop up to 70% off!

Click the website link for your booking details, Terms and Conditions, or email us now, explaining why you will be a good candidate for this course, and what brings you to EFT.

Discover the 3 Keys to
Finding Lasting Love

EFT never ceases to amaze me! The process is gentle and often provides benefits where other methods fail.

— Dr. R. Vergini, MD


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